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I totally believe that Shadoweric and players in similar situations are not having fun, but not because of the math behind the new system that finds equivalent opponents for their team, but for two other reasons.

All above 20 points lost.

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We've never been that low. I used them in BGs. Part of the point of the responses I've been making are to try to illustrate a belief I have that many people are associating their lack of fun with the new math behind the rating system.

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In games wow arena matchmaking I can actually tank Van, or otherwise be useful. Furious Tabard purely cosmetic and awesome looking. Are you prepared to devalue the achievements of the top end to appease the masses at the low end?

You're not making it fun for your target audience, which, let's be honest, is not hardcore players. Allowing the "big 4" to continue into 3. What exactly would be the point of having items that require sub rating. I don't wanna know how your system works, but give us some hope please. Now I feel like it's going to take an obscene amount of effort to even have a chance to spend my arena points.

I find the rating system to be acceptable. As I mentioned earlier, with the start of the next season we expect new teams and personal ratings to start much lower than they have before not This is very discouraging. Turns out it's throwing buy dating site profiles casual players around from what I'm reading.

Shadoweric, to try to clarify what was happening under the hood here's a report of the games your team played. Yet i've lost to some teams, and seen them earn around 96 rating for plowing us. The Archavon bingo is simply a lottery on top of gear that is available purely through successful play.

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It sounds like you now view that structure as a failure. The team started at 0 rating yet when we searched we were against fairly geared players with quite high rating - wow arena matchmaking better gear then what i had meaning the majority of the arenas were a loss. Your team only gains 1 team rating, because after all your team's visible rating is alreadyand this win was merely versus a skill team.

We take this into account. From the best we can possibly and objectively tell, it is clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that skill is far and away the 1 factor in determining arena success, regardless of gear.

Honestly, the fallacy that arenas are more about gear is getting a little old. In Wow, you do not have this option, instead, you have the option to roll a FOTM and hope that it doesnt get nerfed by the time you hit There's a separate MMR for each bracket 2v2, 3v3, 5v5. K, been doing arena this afternoon. Instead, I have to go back to and sit there. I'm currently playing in the bracket, yet most of the wins I get seem to only grant around 7 extra rating.

How does the arena matchmaking system actually work?

You hotfixed Explosive shot, but hunters were probably last in the group of "too much PVP burst". This means that even though they look like or rated teams, they have been playing more like rated teams this season. The problem can probably be solved if everyone's Arena rating was zeroed, and a new range of arena rating numbers are used.