What do you need to hook up subs and amp How do you connect a subwoofer to an amplifier?

What do you need to hook up subs and amp

Spooky, Super and Surprising: My subwoofer has stopped working. This can be a tricky step.

To do this, you'll need your subwoofer, an amplifier, at least one set of RCA cables these are the red, white, and yellow jacks on a single cablespeakersand speaker wires.

The bigger ones also handle lower frequencies better too.

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OK now we have most of the wires in place, we can wire up the amp. Hi guys, I have this subwoofer see picture which I don't know how to connect it.

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A watt rms output should never be inputed in a speaker with less thant watt mximum input. Make sure you're connecting the left and right output speaker wires into their corresponding left and right speakers. Make sure you buy a subwoofer box that has a hole the same size as your speaker. I am inpatient and plowed on, but i am glad i did because i now have two amazingly bassey subs in the rear of my Plymouth Voyager i just popped open the side panels and spliced into the two rear speakers yes I'm quite aware that i probably did it wrong. When you look at the pictures, realize that I am using an amplifier that is too small for the subwoofer.

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Connect your speaker wires to these outputs -- one into each output. DavidJ42 author Reply This process will work with most stock stereos, and all aftermarket stereos. If there is just one blue wire, you can use that. You'll then need to connect your amplifier to your speakers.

Introduction: Installing Subwoofers in a Car

First, you'll want to think about where you'll keep the subwoofer. Which one goes where. These are called the remote wires. A lot of Stereos including mine, doesn't have an internal amplifier and i need a 5 channel amp for all my speakers and subwoofers. I just got 2 subwoofer from a relative and I don't know if they need an external power source, they are "pioneer spare tire subwoofers TS-WX50", also when I plug them in thru my home sterio they seem to work just fine, does anybody know if I need to add external power?

The RMS is also the amount of power the amplifier can continuously put out without over heating.

Step 1: Parts

The jack on the amplifier may even be labeled "subwoofer output," just to make things easy for you. Smaller speakers like the 8 and 10 inch ones, are very quick to respond and punch better than bigger ones, but are not very loud.

I ended up recording a Youtube video of the entire process and people seem to like that I put in every what do you need to hook up subs and amp step into the video, much like your article. This wire tells the amp that the stereo has turned on, and that the amp should too.

Makes it really easy to understand the basic concept. Screw the speaker into the box, using the holes on the outside rim of the speaker. A speaker or amp can only be run on the peak power for about a minute before it goes bad or overheats. This article has a huge mistake.

Put the speaker in the box, making sure the flimsy thin gasket thing is on it. Rms stands for square root of the average of square.

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There may be 2 channels.