What do i need to hook up subs Installing Subwoofers in a Car

What do i need to hook up subs

You want to choose a speaker and amp that put out the most power, without blowing each other. They aren't very expensive any more. This is the metal wall under the hood of the car, closest to the windshield. I list all part 's and prices in the more info section underneath my video on YouTube for all of those who also want a system on the cheap. If you have a 2 ohm sub and a 4 ohm amp it won't produce enough power to properly power the sub.

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Not only are you not producing a single decibel of sound during this microsecond, but you're also working the voice coil very hard and damaging it. If you have a aftermarket already installed or to be installed look at the instructions that came with it if you can put in a sub it will show you how to wire it, plus the ones with the amp you will be fine the hardest part is runing the wires, and the second hardest part is making sure the posative and negative on the amp are right other than that it should just be plug and play as it says above.

If you bought a kit it comes with an inline fuse, if you didn't, you need to get an inline fuse.

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Or it might be that the subwoofer doesn't have the LFE input. I had it set up the way you suggested for a while. If it does make noise like from the engineadd a switch so you can turn it on or off.

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Ground it to a piece of bare metal not painted ; most people unscrew a bolt from a seat attach the wire and screw it on. It usually requires you either take off the front of the center console, or you use a tool to slide the stereo out of special clips. Mount your amp off of the floor of your trunk so that if something leaks or spills, you do not have to replace it due to damage. Do not connect the wire to the battery yet. The gain knob isn't a "volume" knob by any means.

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Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. If you want to learn more about subwoofers and amplifiers head to http: Better yet, go out and by a new stereo that has RCA. I had a few times when I needed to jump my car: Gauge isn't extremely important here, as long as the what do i need to hook up subs is copper, the resistance-per-foot is in the mili-ohm range, jamie lily dating there will be minuscule, if any, voltage drop across the wire.

From what I have seen happen is that the subs work in 2 main ways that I know of. Gather your equipment Amp, Subs, Stereo, and wiring.

Step 1: Parts

Make sure you wrap all your wire connections with electric tape to reduce wires connecting to other metal parts and shorting. Also, if you connect the line out converter straight to the subs without an amp, they won't have enough power to function. Rms stands for square root of the average of square. I once created my own wiring harness to relocate my 6 disc cd-changer from my trunk in my Mazda Millenia S to underneath my glove compartment. For more information read this post on how to set up a subwoofer. You will need to run the 16 - 18 gauge wire through the back of the center console too.

Around the yearthe UK national Fire and Rescue service issued a nationwide advisory about people who have done just this. Always remember to shut off the amp if you do so cn dating Soldering 12v power and ground connectors to the wires will reduce circuit resistance and make your power cleaner, giving you better sound.

Introduction: Installing Subwoofers in a Car

Then under the hood clamp the wire down to the battery. Make sure this wire is safe from any moving objects. For example, if you have an amp that is w 4 ohms, and w 2 ohms, you'll want to try to run your speakers at 2 ohms.

As the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Just cut the power wire, insert the inline fuse and reattach.