Weirdest places to hook up 30 People Share The Weirdest Place They've Ever Had Sex

Weirdest places to hook up, 10 of the weirdest places you never thought to have sex

In A Porta-Potty

And what's more romantic than finding a secluded waterfall during your romantic getaway to the Caribbean? That was pretty cool.

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Here is where you can ask a boy questions and find out what guys really think. As popular and as comfortable as it is, the bed simply isn't gonna cut it all the time!

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Click to view 16 images. However, should you find yourself in this situation, positions in which both partners are laying on their side may be best, given the limited space available.

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If they had opened their door, they would have seen us getting it on. I laid on the glass, and my boyfriend stood in the playing place at the end. The smell is terrible and I'm not sure what disease we could've caught.

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In February, an elderly couple was caught getting frisky in their car in the parking lot of Docs Smoked Barbecue and Burgers in Sonora, Calif. Just don't miss any important highlights.

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One has to be careful because there's always the chance of getting caught, so maybe not too often! Keep it classy, YourTango weird places to hook up Can I Get a Lift? If you thought having sex with bae in the backseat of his car was spontaneous, think again. A Texas couple decided that the best thing to do after being arrested for possessing illegal substances would be to get busynatch.

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All the beds were taken at the ambulance barn, and we were horny. Are Crushes Normal if You're in a Relationship? Do you ever fantasize about getting it on outside the bedroom? But we did it late when most were sleeping.

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At work in the bathroom during our shift.