Unofficially dating What does it mean when you aren't officially dating someone?

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You reread every text. What does this mean? Surprisingly, their answers were similar to mine. Currently a bit of a mix of those.

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He said that he unofficially dated this dating who he really liked for a long time but they never got together offiicially. It is apparent you two are spending most of your time together.

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He's expressed that he likes me and all that jazz and that "I make him feel safe and open and like he can get lost in me. Sorry, I'm just trying to understand. I think he, and possibly both of you, are very misguided.

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Also dating this question. You simply find one another mediocre not saying that you are.

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I didn't take the time to read all of the responses but I say the exact same thing to females so I can probably give direct insight. Can I ask your real first name wanna make sure this isn't the guy I'm seeing who I've been wondering why he isn't coming loll. I have tried other girls and I'm either not interested or they're not interested.

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He's conveniently enjoying a relationship without the commitment factor. Y'know, the "I don't know if I do like you that way, but I'm okay with hanging out and seeing how things go".

Share On email Share On email. For my case, my opinion is no, not unwise.

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If your guy just keeps brushing it aside and saying he's just afraid of getting hurt, don't want to talk about it, just enjoy now, etc. Maybe its for him to be in a safe end of a relationship, but if he would consider the others feelings something like this could make some people really insecure, girls would assume he's playing with them.

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So I think waiting gives me a good shot to get my ideal girl. I'm still trying to figure out what it means when you are officially dating someone.

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I told her I was going to change her mind. So he's probably giving out a warning?

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