This is not a dating site you must be willing The banner ad said This is NOT a dating site: You must be willing to fuck ugly women. But

This is not a dating site you must be willing

What if I sign up hoping for ugly women like they promised and then they fob me off with some fucking hot chick with perfect tits and a pretty face? Back to Home Back to Dating Topics.

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The banner ad said "This is NOT a dating site: I've had to force myself not to shop there. You were looking at an ugly woman on the ad.

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It doesn't make any sense. Once they get your credit card number, they don't give a shit. We do comply with DMCA requests, so please contact us to have content removed. Fortunately for me it was throwaway cash, so I didn't care, and it was worth it for the experience. I mean, its not exactly like someone is going to stop fapping to go gamble.

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You must be willing to fuck ugly women. One of those web sites that ask for a credit card number for "authentication" popped up, so I said "what the hell" and gave them the throwaway visa number just to see what would happen.

Join the discussion - There is no registration required! We are not responsible for posted content. But mentally disabled dating sites ad explicitly tells me I'll be fucking ugly women. Quixar Return of the Ronin -- posts 10 topics Re: A fat, overweight chick.

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I can't figure out why they bring up Poker ads during porn. My real credit card has fast pay on that site, and it is probably more damaging to me than any other online site.

Old school internet BBS. Then they show me a picture of a very hot woman. Why didn't they show a picture of the kind of ugly woman they are telling me I'll be fucking? Buy a couple books on amazon?

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Sad but true for many here. The fact is, you just have shitty taste in women. The ad presumably targets those people who for some reason want to fuck ugly women. Anyone may post here.