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The speed dating challenge

Perhaps she has decided that, still single at 32, I am desperate to claw my way out of the proverbial closet and is bringing me the speed dating challenge to this event as the push I need.

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Unimpressed, I looked him slowly up and down, took a deep breath and reached over to take an enormous gulp of wine as though my survival of the next 60 seconds depended on it. Jane is guest blogging for me this week and has written you a little note to you. The women are invited to sit down at tables whilst each man sits for 90 seconds and stares longingly into her eyes.

Matches are back and later this week I am going for a drink with the handsome Turk.

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I chose to remain still and just watch. It feels a bit like a meat market as all present eye each other up and down. We cast a steely eye around our competition. I immediately accuse Al of bringing me to a the speed dating challenge dating event. The women of Clapham have done themselves proud and there is barely a minger in sight. A chap with a trilby who had been a great sport sharing Monty Python silly walks in an earlier role play proved a disappointment.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. My inner child felt compelled to pull silly faces, pretend to mime suicide or bust out a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Break time regroup and Al and I assess the available miscellany of men whilst glugging on the Sauvignon Blanc. Alice is challenged to learn about love.

It was interesting that our experiences in the second half differed entirely. The response I got to my jesting was variable, one guy started playing the piano and another actually pretended to propose I said no whilst others smiled awkwardly, looking frankly uncomfortable on the spot.

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The cocksure cad burst out laughing and we did actually spent a pleasant 50 seconds in giggle fits. Email required Address never made public.

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It transpires trilby man not so fun without a trilby. No too shabby I have to say! A quick eyebrow raise is shared between Alice and I who are both about as wholesome as a McDonalds happy meal and we are invited to take part in a series of silent games including some kung-fu sparring, improv and finger dancing.

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The eye gazing was one of the most bizarre twenty minutes of my life. Sadly no love at first sight to report but I put aside some preconceptions and perhaps a full 5 minutes would have done the job.

An incredibly smug blond sat down and flashed me a Roger Moore eyebrow raise. Having never heard his voice I am crossing my fingers that he is more Alan Rickman than Joe Pasquale….

To my relief, after a few minutes the men are released into the pen.