Taeyang dating lydia YGE reveals Lydia Paek's official cover of Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips'

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By the way, regardless of her statement saying Tae wasn't the one who cussed Don't assume after a video is posted. D seeing him happy is more important than ever. I still like taeyang regardless lol.

But who knows if they're really dating good for him, i'll be sad but whatever.

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If they are great, if not then oh well. Jay Park releases audio teaser for new summer track 'Nana' feat.

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This is speculation here Lol people I'm not saying they're together. And watchu talkin bout foo??

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PLUS, not like he's gonna fall in love with me anytime in the future. Besides, I prefer a guy with experience and he should take all the experience he can dating lydia. I dont think theyre dating bc i dont see how they match.

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Lyida is so ugly and untalented! Bitch please, she's even more talented than Taeyang and every k-pop idol out there, stop being so fucking delusional.

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It breaks my heart to know how lonely he could have felt going home from being cheered by a gazillion of fans to an empty room. She mostly only has guy friends, so her hanging out with guys wouldn't be weird. I mean, he was in America for a long time.

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I hope they stay this happy for a long time! Anyways, it's ridiculoous to think you can know a person's personal life from a couple of a pics and 3 or 4 youtube videos. I'm not a crazy fangirl who is jealous; I'm happily married.

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