Pisces woman dating an aquarius man Are you aware of your Moon sign?

Pisces woman dating an aquarius man, aquarius man - pisces woman love compatibility

He will just ignore When I am very mad at him. Actually, met him almost a year ago but swept off my pisces woman dating an aquarius man a few weeks ago. I should just move on about my life and forget he exists until he decides he's horn-ee The Aquarius man is extremely energetic, very outgoing and has a bursting social life. Wow, well I have a bit of a spin on the Aqua man. Can you give me some advices.


I had now gotten a bad taste of what he was feeling while he was with me: The connection between these two signs is nothing more than breath taking! Ok, so tonight my aqua man didn't answer my calls for awhile. Of course I try to give him freedom, even on the Internet, but I think the problem is that I am Pisces and Pisces are too emotional compared to Aquarius.

He's the love of my life. This aquarian guy will be the death of me.

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We touch each other occasionally arms, hook up and pipeline construction inc, and hands As a Piscean I think I can teach him a thing or two about romance and foreplay and stuff but he seems to be a keeper.

But remember not to be demanding or overbearing In your requests to be let In. I sent him a second email and it has been over a month. I am a Piscean woman married for last 15 years to Aquarian man.

He's extremely jealous and emotional. Aquarius is the universal fixed air sign that focuses on worldly ideas and an ideal humanity. In the end I wouldn't trade him in to be with any other guy in the world he makes me just that happy but I do spend a lot of evenings crying. I am a Piscean woman with an Aquarian man.

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Emotionally gaga In the beginning of any relationship he's had with me or who he's cheated on me with, than back to the cold guy. It is truly an out-of-body experience that will put you in a state of altered consciousness, begging for more. It's been exciting, steamy, and completely frustrating all at the same time. I read these blogs and see that Aqua men are very difficult to deal with.

The Aquarius Man

I have a feeling I will be the one left with a broken heart dealing with this Aquarius male. Our sex life was very very very!! They sensed my weaknesses however, and used and abused me. It is so hard We recently had a pregnancy scare and he was really great.

The worst part was learning to give him that space, but in return, he is more attentive to MY needs too. The sex has always been great. So I had to resort to the stars and come online to see how Aquarian men act because he is my 1st. Aquarius and Pisces are considered the hippies of the zodiac.

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