My gf wants to hook up with other guys How To Deal With Other Guys Trying To Pick Up Your Girl

My gf wants to hook up with other guys, 171 comments

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EmiliaKeke1ChessPieceFace and 2 others like this. Like I said, I'm not a fan of poly relationships personally.

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She and I have already had a lot of discussion about this, we are very open with each other and communicate about everything. I guess I just really want an outside opinion on the situation.

Why Does it Bother You When Your Girlfriend Talks to Other Guys?

Some guy is trying to make your woman and you should be friends with him and do nothing. Already have an account? Should I just ignore him and pass him off as a guy friend or tell her I'd rather them not hang out anymore because he clearly likes her? They also hang out without me at her house.

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Fake it till you make it. She might also be in love with you but want to fuck other people. Originally Posted by chey Just remember this my friend, "Love is the most reformed type of madness. Or is it okay if I express it that I dont like it or take actions like take her playful away. Watch my wife on skype.

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Also, what about the girlfriends of the girls that cock block you? You've said your concern, you now have to see if she likes you enough to understand your concern. So, my question is, is it really that bad to go along with something like this? She asked me why I would allow her to do that. My girlfriend kind of likes another guy and I gave her permission to sleep with him. Because I feel like I was. We speed dating sephora up scenarios and go on for so long cracking each other up.

What is Your Gut Instinct Telling You?

Otherwise, even with your permission, you will eventually come to resent her for repeatedly "cheating" on you and will end up hurt. Contact him at billhackwizard gmail.

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It's not so much I'm not conveniently around if it spontaneous happens -- it's outwardly banning me -- I'd find that insulting International my gf wants to hook up with other guys, click here. It's hard at first but you need to let her go. Seems like itd be fraught with potential problems. She admitted to be after this that she did kind of have a crush on this guy and had felt the urge to kiss him a few times but never acted on it.

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No agendas Crossposting to other subreddits will result in an instaban. She told me friend that i didn't look like her, but she didn't say she didn't like it. Not sure why it takes people so long to get a clue.

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Try the great papa ork today, he might be the answer to your problem. High Risk, High Reward.

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I wouldn't be mad, I'd think that was hot and would want to steer things into that direction with me around some time if she was into doing that again. At any time mods may remove or refer posts to other subs as we deem appropriate, and our decisions are final.