Hye ri dating agency cyrano Dating Agency: Cyrano

Hye ri dating agency cyrano

I'm hoping the ending will do the rest of the show justice!

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We don't know what happen there. Cyrano me entusiasmou, com a apario especial do casal Ji Jin. I put my trust in MY so I know she won't be angry at Master, if she did it wouldn't be like her at all. My theory is she is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Kali ini Sinopsis Film akan berbagi informasi tentang drama. Everything up to that, though, I enjoyed. I really don't like the kidnapping scenario at all. And later, Byung-hoon gets an ominous text message with an attached photo, of a bound and gagged Min-young. Anyway, this drama made me think about a Cyrano Agency in real life.

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Ha Yun Joo como Hye Ri. I am surprised to say that I actually enjoy watching it.

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Power outage in 3… 2… 1…. Nine Time Travels Dating Agency: Good Job Sooyoung unnie!! Af Apr 30 Sooyoung acts like a 4 year old child, like someone said, and looks so young, why would you pair her up with a person who is so much older than her? She hye ri dating agency cyrano starred in the low budget romantic comedy film.

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O for last week, 1st. Really hope the ending wraps up nicely. Which may be exactly why the Seung-pyo thing was doomed from the ri dating agency cyrano.

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The kidnapping thing isnt an entire shock, but I just want to know what Hawaiian shirt guy really has against the agency and why kidnap someone over it. Sweg Oct 10 5: Dislike sad movies or horror. Juho Jun 13 5: So maybe the Hawaiian guy is the best friend and is helping Hye-ri get revenge?