How to say no politely online dating Expert Panel – How to Politely Say “Not Interested”

How to say no politely online dating

I would rather be ignored, in other words, than get a personal "not interested.

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You are being upfront with tact. As for having a full dance card — my last relationship, I sent a first email and I heard nothing from her for the next three months, when out of the blue she wrote back asking to know more; I guess she figured correctly that since my profile was still active, I was still seeking.

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Maybe I haven't run into many desperate men, but the conversation has always died fairly quickly after that. But if the mail goes ignored, it kind of tapers off as you lose hope, and after a few days you don't even remember. I'll always follow up a polite rejection with a message wishing them good luck.

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That way, you can deal with only the existing guys in a timely and fair manner. I usually double the amount of time I wait with each response, but you can use any friends cast dating frame you deem appropriate for your predisposed texting cadence.

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No response at all is likely to lead to numerous texts and voice mail messages from how to say no politely online dating guys. I recognize that I'm the worst and it's so rude—and personally, I'd much rather have someone just be straightforward with me and tell me he just doesn't want to see me anymore, but I totally agree with this!

From the up-front "No thanks" to the "long, slow good-bye."

You need to know how to dish out rejection in an appropriate way. The former, just ignore. Of course, those who don't put effort in shouldn't get it back.

I learned from you something revelatory: I did the online dating thing for a little while as well, and a non-response is completely the norm.

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If you're not interested, don't respond. Note that at Match. She thought she had rejected them! As you can see, people are pretty evenly split between "not replying is unspeakably rude" and "replying just to say no is a terrible insult.

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I will get back to the woman and be straight with her if she were to contact me and let me know that she would like to see me again. We are working to restore service.


Is there a nice way to say 'thanks, but no' in online dating? To them I say, 'Hey, so, I really enjoyed getting to meet you, but things have gotten a bit more serious with someone else I was seeing and I'm going to see where that goes.

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Sometimes this is a lie and sometimes it is true. Wait for a reply. That is what his words say.

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This will be a service to both genders and will get some free advertising. Say a stranger walks up to me and asks what book I'm reading. Most men on online dating sites will continue to pursue you until you block them or tell them to fuck off. She eventually decided to delete her account because she couldn't deal with all of the messages that she felt an imperative to respond to.