How do i hook up an antenna to a projector Where to Buy:

How do i hook up an antenna to a projector

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I don't have a cable subscription, but I want to watch local live tv mainly sports on my BenQ HC I searched some convertors but didnt really find anything that might do it. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.

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Any ATSC tuner will work if you're just trying to get things off the air. For more information please go to the site issues section. We will be moving and would like to avoid getting cable, we really only watch nbc, fox, local channels, etc Don't believe everything on the Interwebz!

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Mar 25, Nancy sirianni dating Step 5 Turn both devices around, plug them in and turn them on. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Big Screen Forums Home Theater: I use a HDTV tuner in my set up.

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Rules Quote Quick Reply. Step 1 Turn off and unplug your Epson projector. A duck's quack DOES echo! Site Guide Contact Us.

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Options Disable smilies in text Quote message in reply? The newer digital converters are often full fledged high definition over the air tuners. Mar 28, Posts: You will also need something to amplify the sound, receiver or the like. You will see programming from the cable converter box on the screen.

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Can you recommened any other models? Turn off and unplug both your Epson projector and cable converter box. It has both HDMI and Component out to your projector and can receive all of the digital broadcast channels. All times are UTC Turn both devices around so their ports are facing you.

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Step 1 Turn off and unplug both your Epson projector and cable converter box. Jul 17, 1: Are you looking to connect to your antenna with a coax cable, or something else?

Hello all, Apologies if this thread has been here before, I searched avs and only found 1 similar older thread without an answer. How 2 watch OTA, is there a way to hookup antenna to projector? Please ensure that the email address associated with your account is the correct email address and that you have access to this account.