Hook up ballast How to wire a replacement ballast with different wiring?

Hook up ballast

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Got a New Project You're Proud of? In many of today's vehicles, the ballast resistor is not needed. Which one red wire from the fixture do I use and which two red wires do I not use? Replace the bulbs and any lens, if present. The sockets themselves may need to be replaced.

Required Tools for this Project

In a points type ignition, the ballast resistor would help to keep the spark down, and the coil from being burned up too quickly. Your help will be greatly appreciated! These are 4ft two pin tubes, correct? Choose a location near the coil and mark your placement.

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Individual ballast wires each connect to a lampholder on one hook up ballast of each tube. A fluorescent tube circuit includes a ballast, wires, lampholders, and the tubes. Older magnetic fluorescent ballasts are usually wired in series. A helper may be necessary to flip breakers for you while you test for voltage. From there, a hook up ballast goes to the positive on the coil.

Retrofitting an Existing Fixture

Do not discard the housing. Clair has been writing professionally since Some hardware stores will have a cross reference book that will show you all of the model types of ballasts that will work for your replacement. Make sure and leave enough wire sticking out from each ballast end.

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Once you start to understand the basics, the rest follows. Unscrew the ballast- mounting nut and drop the old ballast free the ballast will have either one or two mounting nuts.

Wiring Diagrams

Can you give the model number of the ballast you purchased? Wiring a direct replacement T8 ballast can be relatively straightforward, although retrofitting another type of fixture, such as T12, may be more challenging. MachK Hi Matt, Thank you for your reply. A ballast is an electronic device that regulates the current required to illuminate a fluorescent tube.

Removing the Ballast Housing

It is located with the ballast resistor on the firewall. I thought it was a 5 wire. Thanks in advance for any help on how to wire correctly. Mount the new fixture to the ceiling or wall. Multiple ballast should all be mounted first too. I greatly appreciate it!

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How to Test a Light Ballast. Try posting a question. So, how to wire the new ballast to my fixture so it works? I was able to get the light to work, but then it went out on its own.

Fluorescent tubes contain toxic chemicals. Got a New Project You're Proud of? You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use.

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