Home theatre hook up instructions Basic Home Theater AV Set Up Guide - Hooking It All Up

Home theatre hook up instructions, where do i place my speakers?

Blankets, pillows, barking dogs and cushy chairs can all skew the results. In some cases your equipment won't have an HDMI output. You only need to strip back enough so the bare wire can go into the home theatre hook up instructions of the receiver and speakers.

Connecting the Speakers and Subwoofer(s)

For processing options, it's got: Selecting the Perfect Room Deciding which room of your home is best for your home theater system setup comes down to a matter of available space and personal preference. Updated July 25, This section of the article should make sense of all of the inputs, outputs, knobs, and wires that create our home theater systems.

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The AV Receiver is the heart of your system. However, keep in mind that this example is only one of several possibilities. Play around with speaker and subwoofer placement.

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If I run a digital optical cable from the outport on the lg screen to the stereo will it run audio from the pc since the screen is connected to PC via hdmi card I was thinking this was a way for internet radio and PC connect to stereo via flat screen.

If your subwoofer doesn't have that label, connect the RCA to the left input or use a Y-splitter to send signal to both inputs. Home Theater Setup Guide How to set up your first home theater audio system.

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Consider placing your speakers behind the listening position. Home-theater-in-a-box HTIB systems with Dolby technologies put a full-featured home theater within easy reach.

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Surprisingly enough, many Blu-ray players do not send out an uncompressed surround sound signal by default. It is far better than stereo RCA audio, however.

Creating and Optimizing Your Home Theater

The speakers are high and slightly behind the listening position giving you an enveloping sound stage. Navigate to that option on your receiver. Just realize that even the best mic can, and probably will, make mistakes. You can use a table, speaker stands, or simply mount your speakers to achieve perfect positioning for your space.