Glee artie and tina dating Artie-Kitty Relationship

Glee artie and tina dating

The two were on a train, when Artie spotted the guy who mugged him.

Becky witnesses this and has a go at Kitty. They sing a couple of lines together during Longest Time.

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Ballad Artie is present at a glee rehearsal. The Untitled Rachel Berry Project.

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Finally they both have solos and hold on to each other when New Directions sing their final song for the week, On Our Way. Brittany also tells Santana that she Brittany loves everyone in Glee club and will be there when Artie takes his first steps, after they find an operation to make his legs work again, showing that they are still close friends. Quinn announces that she isn't him, that she isn't changing her plans for the future, and that she's going to walk again one day.

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Artie says that he doesn't feel safe going in the subway anymore. When the group makes plans for SectionalsWill discovers that the school won't give him a bus capable for Artie's wheelchair. Props Artie is shown dancing and singing on the competition, and he's really happy when they win Nationals.

Artie, along with New Directions, is glad that Mr. Impressed by the song, Sugar shows him his affection by hopping on his lap and asking him to roll her to class, indicating that for now she wants Artie to be her date.

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Artie can be seen performing as a glee artie and tina dating in the beginning during class. Artie arrives in New York with New Directions.

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Kitty surprisingly offers him some kind words and believes that he would excel in film school. Later, the entire football minus the ones in Glee Club cornered him with red and orange slushies.

Artie can be seen in the background throughout the entire episode, especially when Blaine sings Last Friday Night. I think thats the good thing about the show -- we portray the different kinds of relationships. He muses over how much power it gives him, even over stuff he knows nothing about. It is just then that the cast confronts him - he is scared, but they actually thank him - they say the entire show is thanks to his hard work and that they couldn't have done it without them. Nationals Artie is singing Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat when Will enters the choir room, re-performing the first song the glee-club had practiced.

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Artie is present at the beginning of the episode, listening to Will, as he mentions some of their competitors at Nationals.