Fut 14 unfair matchmaking Elo matchmaking is unfair

Fut 14 unfair matchmaking, re: unfair ultimate team matchmaking

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I'm told from a respectable EA rep, that there is actually a match making system in place, and that in theory, we could get close to figuring out how it works. It is common sense!

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I've oversimplified it for the sake of argument here, I know there's a lot of issues and things that need to be worked out with this way. I think it should just be a ladder that works off Elo rating, and restart every weekend if thats how they want to do it. That's just you wanting to get a higher rank.

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If its random matchmaking, sure some ppl might get luckier and face a few easier opponents than others, but on average the sum of the total quality that ppl match up against should be roughly the same.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. That's totally fair and that's how it should be, why would someone be allowed to reach Elite without winning against a single Elite player?

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Elo must be the 14 unfair matchmaking unfair thing ever created. Don't be an asshole. Does FIFA stage-manage events to make matches more varied, or in an attempt to introduce heightened drama to the match narrative? Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Glad I'm not the only one who gets this.

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Your point about how a bad player and a pro player could both get 25 wins is also flawed, if a pro player loses 5 games in a row he's now not the same rank as the other pros, he's lost skill points, this in turn will match them up against worse opponents and they will no doubt win these next games boosting their wins higher.

But all in all i just do not get why there are mechanics like this in the game.

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Imagine if the system worked so all those players played against each 14 unfair matchmaking and the rest of us who want to pass and skill and score creative goals were matched against each other. Posted October 11, at Will play a far larger range of players with different abilities and even gold 2 players can get elite every now and again. Why KSI lost using it. If these sound familiar, or you have others that you could add, then: Posted March 12, at 1: Last edited by Jokar: I'm Stoke or crystal palace and have had to play Juventus, Man Utd etc. The only reason why it isnt is because EA know it will be uproar.

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This is an archived post. This is only my opinion though so i could be wrong. Everyone I come up against who has ronaldo is always shit, which makes me think that skill rating and squad rating are taken into account with matchmaking.

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Going into that game I wasso by the ELO theory, I should have been playing somebody else around that mark. You cannot use some statistics to explain this "problem" in my opinion.

Then I changed formation to and got instant results, winning Division 1, and beating every opponent by at least 4 goals, I was winning with margins like, etc.