Do you need a referral for a dating scan do i need doctors referral for a scan?

Do you need a referral for a dating scan, new to mumsnet?

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Check with your GP or whoever you're using through the pregnancy. With how early you are, even if you had bleeding I doubt there would be any reason to have a scan still. BellyBelly reserves the right to take action dating scandinavian ladies breaches of privacy and copyright. Whereas my sister's GP refused her request for a scan after she had had some bleeding, saying that there's nothing she could do about it anyway. Cemented it all for us otherwise it was just some marks on a stick lol!

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Edited by misschris, 08 July - Seems to differ from hospital to hospital around here though. I just find it crazy that everything is done differently depending on what area you are in! I live in St Albans but they don't have a maternity centre but they will do all the scans and some consultant appointments. Several functions may not work.

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Olive I don't think I get a 12w scan? I thought public did that anyways. Please log in to reply. If you are late, your appointment may need to be re-scheduled at the next available time.

Wait till 8 weeks and then see GP for referral. Choose the right service.

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Oh and my GP is a lady and this is my first baby so I think she was sympathetic, wouldnt hurt probably to see a lady GP if you can Edited by bentkitty, 08 July - Warm chicken, avocado and orange tahini salad. At 7 weeks, if they can't see much in an abdo scan, they will do an internal, which is not painful at all. Urban Legends Reference Pages by Snopes.

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Paying for dating scan - would you? I'm pretty sure my EDD is correct considering my cycle were always regular and on time.

Do I Need A Referral For A Dating Scan

I don't think there's any reason why they should refuse. That was going to be my next suggestion. For more information on your pregnancy ultrasound, please refer to the sections do you need a referral for a dating scan with the different types of pregnancy ultrasound:.

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We will give you images of your baby in a variety of formats, so you can share this exciting time with your family and friends. So I'm waiting for the 12 week scan, only a month to go now lol. I didn't need a referral but I went to a private clinic in London.

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If you go public yes! Already registered with Mumsnet? Five things you need to know about flu and pregnancy As the flu season begins in earnest, here?

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I will warn you that the staff themselves were fantastic but some of the "volunteer" helpers had me in tears! Establishing the gender of your baby is important to us, but you should remember that your sonographer also has many other important things to examine to ensure that your baby is healthy and developing normally.

NT scans can be bulk billed but it depends on a number of factors ie age. Looking for dating scan services or services in UK? The nuchal translucency measurement can be taken during the dating scan. I had dating scans both times, as my cycle is pretty random, and we wanted to have a clearer idea of how far along I was, and we'd decided not to have the NT scan.