Did arizona hook up with the intern Grey’s Anatomy’s Jessica Capshaw: We Never Saw Arizona Kiss Leah

Did arizona hook up with the intern, get updated

When it was Leah's turn, she made a mistake that could have caused permanent damage. The two watched movies and talked all night though Arizona remembered none of it. They did the research and developed a treatment plan, but Rory Williams had already died.

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Leah's mother once dated Mark Sloan. However, after surgery, Nova woke up and was responsive. Leah begins to pursue Arizona. Does she consider herself gay or bisexual?

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After Heather's death, the interns began all sleeping at Alex's house and studying. Just as he was giving her the goodbye speech he used on every other intern, they were interrupted by Callie, who was crying in the closet as they came in kissing.

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Leah Murphy Portrayed by Tessa Ferrer. Arizona did arizona hook up with the intern her obsession and ended things. The fans love "Calzona" so much that I was excited to stir it up.

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Since they were too intoxicated to drive, Leah called them a cab. They then surprised her by telling her Alex wasn't in prison as she thought.

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When Leah was unable to pull them out quickly, Jo took over and pulled them out. After hearing that a resident was going to be fired, Leah began to stress eat. Interestingly enough, Hilarie Burton didn't get too much flack -- the fans liked her character, they just didn't like that she was splitting up Callie and Arizona. When a building collapsed, the hospital was flooded with incoming traumas.

She's really smitten with Arizona because Arizona is paying attention back to her. Hit the comments below with your thoughts. So is a reunion in sight? Arizona operated with Leah and taught her during the surgery.

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Stephanie has Jackson and Jo is with Alex; could we see Leah use this opportunity to gloat among the interns that she has someone -- even though it may only be one-sided? Big Cast Changes… So I researched other things you had written, and it became very clear to me that I'm not just a surgeon. Leah knew what she was doing and then told Maggie what she'd done to earn her spot back at the hospital.

Ad blocker interference detected! She was an excellent doctor, but surgery was not the right fit for her. A more complete gallery with pictures of Leah Murphy can be found here.

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Jo pointed out that she picked the right guy then, as Karev was mean. Leah asked if that meant they were done.