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So yeah i am also 43, I am trying as much as i can to look after my teeth, but with diabetes and gum disease it feels like a loosing battle. As for why having dentures is a secret for many people it is because teeth are not a breast or a limb that are lost due to accident or disease Nothing is worse than lugging around a deep, dark secret.

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I dont want to tell him right now. Apples and corn on the cob for instance. Online dating and denture wearer, at what point do I mention this fact? Its obvious to friends and family I got it done because before dentures all my teeth except 3 were broken off.

That is how I learned to look for pics with teeth showing and became one of those horribly shallow people who marks the oral hygiene questions as mandatory.

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Mourning the loss of my teeth. She told me she had them since her mid teens. You absolutely implied that dealing with dentures was an issue for people over 40 to deal with and that only those younger denture wearers dating site understand how you feel. Yes, you may meet someone who is uncomfortable dating you because of your dentures.

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I lock them in so tight with glue before a date just in case haha. Acne, alopecia etc sufferers have relationships, so why can't you? I am talking about a full denture in your 40's.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 13th, at 3: Want to add to the discussion? I want that perfect movie star smile and if that means I need dentures, then so be it. Don't worry, I won't respond again - Sticks and stones We live together, but I still have never told him. If you are insecure about your dentures, it may be apparent that something is off about you.

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Please no lectures about having work done. Recently, an old flame blew back into town, and although he has not noticed the false teeth, I still fight the issues regarding them.

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I used to do that, I'm not sure if its different for partials vs full dentures, but I don't normally have to use that adhesive paste, and I don't particularly the texture. I think that if you meet the right person, a decent guy, he will love you for who you are and the dentures won't be an issue. My husband claims that the best oral sex he ever got was from a woman who removed her teeth Find what you want!

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Just like how you had to adjust doing other things when you got dentures, you might need to change your technique up a bit, but trust me you can still be amazing at it! You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. I understand that nobody plans for bad things to happen to them at any age, but does that not mean when they happen, a person is not allowed some kind of a sad adjustment period without being attacked and ridiculed by someone else who has already learned to denture wearers dating site The smile her dentures gives her is infinitely better than the one she had with her own teeth she says and i agree.

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Tell me when this thread is updated: He says he loves me but I do wonder!!!! There are many other threads where people a lot younger than you have shared their problem and went on to not only learn to live with their denture, but actually love the opportunity to have one and go on with their life.

I miss the feel of my pallet, and there just doesn't seem to be enough water to moisten my mouth.

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When you first say hello, will they be able to tell up front that something is off? Don't think that the minute they put those things in your mouth that you just go home and "adjust"