Dating someone emotionally immature 9 Reasons Dating An Immature Guy Is Emotionally Draining

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I was in a relationship with an immature boy man for many years.

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He bullies to get his own way, is completely selfish and blames everyone but himself. I know some guys can be dicks, but they have lives too. His behavior got uglier and more abusive. Lots of emotional toll for me and money all because of their irrational behavior.

2. There's No Self-Awareness

Compromise is almost impossible for the emotionally immature. July 11, at 2: Those who are emotionally immature on the other hand, get tripped up by their own emotions and feelings.

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Instead, they get even madder. June 5, at 3: A coworker, while valued and appreciated nonetheless, creates a difficult dynamic due to what is, I think, emotional immaturity. But you know what always ends up happening?

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Did u ever leave? I am a woman in my 40s and have had difficulty with relationships right from the dating someone emotionally immature.

David December 12, at It just seems that waiting around for it would be futile. Emotionally immature people do not.

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But it's a common calling card of an emotionally immature person. And if all the intense stuff is good, that doesn't mean you're safe. There were times when he would admit that he needed to grow up in relational matters and then he would always revert back to old ways and then when confronted, start blaming or out right denying the issue.

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