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Dating sites with paypal, paying for a dating site subscription with paypal

And the developers of Boonex made it look so easy. After a few weeks they'll call you.

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You have to apply with this form i told you about before. Probably would be a good idea for many of us to look at alternative system just in case the PayPal silver hammer comes down upon our heads. I heard that these businesses can only have Paypal as a payment option if they do it through Epoch. I would only think it is for sites that are brought to their attention like the fallout recently some us had with adsense and chat pages, when someone complains then your scrutinized and either terminated or warned.

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The PayPal Acceptable Use Policy requires merchants offering online dating sites with paypal services require merchants to receive approval. Not easy and not cheap to be approved by Paypal.

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What concerns me is that PayPal must know that currently in USA Epoch offers the PayPal option for payments for subscriptions to some popular adult websites. They're packed with millions of like-minded people who share the very same goal: Dolphin including a certain gateway does not mean that all sites will be fine using it. It doesn't matter what kind of website or what it look like.

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Each Dolphin site is different. Register Lost your password?

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

In order to start the approval process, you will need to register with MasterCard. Username E-mail A password will be e-mailed to you. Perhaps some think this is not true? Maybe this can be one thing you should know before buying Boonex.

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It is understandable that many PayPal members believe that it will now accept adult websites. Evidently the problem lies with MasterCard. Dolphin also includes 2Checkout, which supports dating sites, although requires its own review. Just to bring this in some, this term goes back to ; looks like several BoonEx modules will get you into trouble then.

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But Boonex never will tell you this. I am going to create several new websites: Sure, you can open a Paypal account and then fill in your email in the admin panel on your Boonex site but then you are violating PayPal's policy that you have to be pre-reviewed before you can use Paypal on your Boonex dating site. These services enable new members to join them in order to meet single men and women online and use Paypal as the preferred payment method for the subscription.

Smaller sites offer much smaller member base compared to the leading websites, and your chance of actually meeting someone there is remote at best. Paypal's User Agreement still forbids "sexually oriented services".

But so it is. However, it is the Dating Site I worry most about as it does have datings sites with paypal to include photos of Members with adult content selfies with no clothes on. More and more dating services are diversifying the way they collect the subscription fee from their members and accept Paypal as a valid payment method.

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What would be the problem with this kind of set-up? After you register, to help help you stay informed all of us update you each month along with sign ups out of your area — so make sure you try them out as well as decrease all of them the line! It appears that PayPal should stop Epoch offering this option. If you would like to appeal your old accounts, or to make an inquiry as to whether or not it is acceptable for your business to now accept PayPal, please email our Acceptable Use Policy teams directly with the details of your business before accepting any payments at aup paypal.

Additionally, I am going to create a Dating Site. You need to be logged in to submit content. Effectively those credits are useless however there may be a different website called xxxdvds. Very strange they could't say this be email.

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