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Find all posts by shijinn. If your Saudi husband is deceased, his father, or oldest brother, will need to grant this permission.

Dating in Saudi Arabia: A Warning

Last seen 3 days ago Seeks marriage, Only you two alone would definitely raise eyebrows. With no contact with girls except on my vacation days in Egypt. Dont even go near them. But I value the tie with my mother and my dating saudi guys as well.

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You just need to be open to the idea and accept the invitation. They could book you to jail and ask you to marry, fine you a bribeor, at worse, cane you lol. Nadeem 36 Assalam aley kum.

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Also, for some legal obstacles how come you judge them, its a country policy that organizes the rights for both in case things went wrong, there is a Western country that requires their citizens in order to get a partner visa being full time employed for a period of around 2 years….

Furthermore, your friends cannot easily visit you, since tourist visas do not exist.

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All saudis are very heavily indoctrinated dating saudi guys a very harsh and unbending interpretation of Islam. What about a divorced 42 year old guy like myself?

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I have 2 children from a previous marriage, we both wanted children so badly but due to the long distance and possibly my age it became impossible for us to conceive. Sandy on Saudi babies abandoned in….

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Twitter is quite popular, as is Muslima. I am female in my late 30s and soon to be moving in Jeddah because of work. Originally Posted by Gary T Probably not less offensive, but if he's inclined to be the type Betty Mahmoody ran into, who gives a flying fig about offending the misogynist, controlling, wife-beating bastard?

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Originally Posted by Cat Whisperer I take your point, but I was thinking of it from more of a cultural differences perspective; a North American guy wants sex, sure, but he's also aware that it may or may not happen on the first or second, or third date. It is only binding to women and leaves men freedoms to divirce her without proceedings. I now realize how insulting he wanted to introduce me to his friends.

Mostafa 36 Mercy bears richer fruits than st Conservative There are many Saudi men that are secular and open-minded.

Why praise Melania for not wearing a headscarf in Saudi Arabia?

They might ask an id of me and him like if we are relative or he is just my employer or what. Talking to male friends from back in the day is borderline inappropriate.

I was truly touched when I read you article. The society is raised as such. Above all— always be cautious —you are in a country which strictly prohibits dating. Non-Saudi women who get involved with Saudi men often misunderstand this cultural aspect.

What will I do need your advice.

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