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Dating columbia records

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Submitted by alucas on Tue, An extensive discussion of Columbia matrix codes here: Next up in the line of Columbia labels was the Viva-Tonal styled label which ran from The reason is that it saved time if they lost one and we were always up against release schedules. During this time Columbia enticed some artists to sign exclusive contracts with them by putting their images on the labels. I think Submitted by Michael Fremer on Tue, Did the master tape have the full frequency range and was the high-pass filter inserted when the disc was mastered?

I figured this out by years of "reading" dash numbers of LP lacquers whose titles were in print for decades.

Cracking the Columbia Records Code

Where do you find " Original " printed? They also had artists listed as an "Exclusive Artist. By Pitman got -1A's and -1B's from said studios. A couple slight variations in patent information is the difference in the first two. These symbols, often found in the inner groove area identify Columbia Records pressing plants: If you're not familiar with LJC, it's a great place to learn details of labels, matrix codes, etc. Columbia matrix codes Submitted by pjc on Wed, I think it's essential.

Columbia Records Timeline

I take a sigh and let go, ease my grasp, release a spark, and close down that webpage. As for that 4 on the dating columbia records cover: The front is a song by Henry Burr. I just picked one up and the dating columbia records quality renders it worthless.

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The next major label change was from when Columbia introduced the flag label. As it happens I listened to the record I thought we were talking about last night and again today and was glad to discover that my copy sounds very much present and satisfying. Now I can go back and look at my Columbia records and try again when I get time.

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Even after a RCM, it sounds terrible. It is unlikely to the max that large record companies used any totally consistent methodology devised by the central office for their deadwax inscriptions.