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These featured an aluminum push tenon. Even cracked bowls have gotten more money than that.

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Pre-Transition Barling Bent Fossil, which are very rare. Barling was consistently inconsistent with their stamps. The Barling family prided themselves on producing flawless pipes with no fills or sand pits. He said the closest you can date the pipe is A Barling pipe equipped with an Albatross bone Seven day set in case.

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These pipes are masterpieces of design and dating barling pipes, regardless of who conceived the datings barling pipes and who executed the flawless result. Guss pinpoints the sale of the company to October 3, as reported in the trade journal Tobacco.

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A bit off topic, but still in the general ballpark Hobbyist Pipemaker - Carmette Pipes. We are always looking for additional information and documentation on the fascinating history of Barling. These dates are also based on the definitions for the 3 Eras that were given above.

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Welcome to the forums! As just stated, no one had noticed a difference in the briar, only in matters of final fit and finish, which no are longer apparent after years. Barling was still using the same numbers as its catalog at this time but the placement was different.

Barling Early Transition Example: Here's some info on dating Barling pipes This pipe does no Gage notes, based on tenon and air hole construction, that it appears a number of Barling pipes of all varieties originally had filters, and the company registered a number of patents for filter pipes.

We can only hope that it will resurface at some future point, or that Jon will make his work available elsewhere.

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More likely mid '60's, or at least that would be my working assumption if I were to be bidding, which I don't think I will be. His contribution to this update offers the intriguing probability that Barling was producing sandblasts before Dunhill.

Some of my most enjoyable smokers date from these periods.

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This is a different pipe than the one elvisc posted in the OP not trying to hijack the thread, just thought this would be a good place to post the picturesand has no size marking. Overseas Sales Pipes are sanitized using alcohol, and then waxed u Could be a fine smoker.

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