Dating a guy with a crazy baby mama Crazy Baby Mama Stories and How to Deal With Your Boyfriend's Baby Mama

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The room was nothing before i moved in He's not ready to be serious yet and instead of being straight with you, he lied. In my situation I don't per se love my child's father but I respect him as her father, He has a girlfriend now that has really helped him mature their relationship is really good, I actually like her more than him. I will like to use this platform to share my experience although the story is quit long i will try to be brief. I tell him, "Either call me my name, M's momma, or just don't say shit at all.

Crazy Baby Mama Stories

We've been together for 3 years. I eventually got my number changed. His bm would cum and get the baby from him go on abou her business. I dating a guy with a crazy baby mama I had done it all right.

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I just want some advice he is a very hands on dad and I admire that. She knows all about me and I know all about her but we never met in person and when I tried to reach out to her myself she told my bf that I messaged her.

So wear conservative clothes, don't curse, and just be the type of person a parent would want around her kids. Sometimes a man has to lose in order to gain some common sense.

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I tried to keep out view dating profiles my boyfriend's mess with his ex.

There's been issues before where at the beginning of our relationship, when she found out about me, she kept him from seeing his son. Because my now beautiful daughter was created in the same fashion. Follow me on facebook: It's been almost 4 years since we've split up and I think about her all the time.

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Hi melissa I am 20 years old. I wonder if he still has a Key,?

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But he also told me that they got into it that night because he wasn't the same as when she. But trying to hold on to something that hurt me was a huge mistake.

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We dated for six months and I chose to end things. The babymama because they've already been intimate enough to have a child together, and the girlfriend because that's his current chick.

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I have 2 kids with my BD and he has 3 kids with his BM before me. It leads men to prioritize more where women may not have so much of that growing up. The girl ended up prego before we got back together. I always asked him were they still an item. Some of you, unfortunately, have become babymama 2 and are now dealing with the effects of that.

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Women can turn into mama bears quickly if they think someone might ruin their family set-up. I told her the father was at the store, I was the father's girlfriend, and that I lived at the house. It only seems that way because girlfriends have been conditioned to behave like wives but receive the respect of girlfriends.

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If your relationship with him is good, then you have to let this other stuff go.