Dating a guy going through custody battle How do you support your partner during their custody battle?

Dating a guy going through custody battle

Lele June 1, at 8: They only know what they're told, and when they're young, in these cases the crazy bios convince the kids of mean things. My husband went through a custody battle and it was the hardest, most stressful, most emotionally draining, most money sucking thing we ever did.

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Why is he getting divorced anyway? Add Thread to del. Do you miss your school life?

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Hard to hear but look after yourself and back out now before you're a total basket case. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

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We are in a long distance relationship and rely on texts and calls. If he really loves that child, he either has to figure out how to get it to where you are, or, he will have to move. My mom handled it way more gracefully. There's lots of control, possession and jealousy deep rooted in many of these 'crazy exes' I have never met his son as we decided that it wasn't the right time to do that yet, and he also mentioned that he was nervous his ex would drag him into court for custody if she knew that he was bringing another lady around his kid He stops talking and pushes you away!

In fact im crying as i type this post because of the ex YET AGAIN ruining another planned hangout with me and my man cause she has used every excuse that has ever existed to delay picking up their child or screw up our time together. How to deal With Custody Battle.

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I know that he is absolutely and utterly crushed and devastated. Clearly I am on the path of trying to understand and deal with my situation. That all sounded great! The time will go by faster if you can find other things to fill up your schedule. Be emotionally supportive but understand that this is about a child you may love but is not yours, and a marriage that was not yours.

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We have been living together for four years. But they can be rewarding.

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It's important to know your place.