Cynical online dating How Do You Get Past the Cynicism and Get Back In The Dating Game?

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My rant was not a self pity thread. All I need and I think lots of other men too need to be treated like a man.

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Guys love to be used. Nor do we like to feel that we are on the receiving end of a bad deal that takes advantage of our better angels.

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Open link in a new tab. You can post your own profile, but you cannot post anyone else's without moderator's permission.

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Steve 16 Thanks for the kind words and the plug. I think "cynical" is too strong a word for what I feel about online dating.

This was very early in the cynical dating game for me.

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Eh I was a little cynical before but my attitude is just kind of blah at the moment. I know nothing about you or why you use this site, but if youve met so many 'sweet guys' as you claim, are you in a relationship with them or friends, or did you just 'meet' them? Including the image she projects of herself. Despite the insecurity issues of some use it to your advantage.

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Bad dates pay off. That isn't that much to ask for If you have that attitude about how this site is primarily nothing, but to waste time on and you do the same yourself my guess is that you do then that would make you a major hypocrite.

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The old chestnut of follow your heart but use your head to get you there might be as good as anything else offered up for advice. However, I knew that I could trust my own instincts enough to weed out those who were not a good "friend" match.

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Want to go out? Those are things I would expect from the much younger crowd.

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