Case fan hookup Build your own PC - A complete step-by-step guide

Case fan hookup

Cheap and reliable solution.

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Make a circuit with the timer as astable oscillator at 50 Hz typical frequency for rpm and then drive the pulses to an open collector transistor. With some proper software it should be possible.

Like the other connections, it will only plug in one way. When you know the actual supply state on and off you can interpret the taco signal and it should be case fan hookup to find the right RPM value - just a little more complex software. I have never seen one that has not, but this doesnt mean that it does not exits.

At 30 December You prolog my life a little: Power down the computer and turn the power switch off on the power supply, which is typically situated on the back of the computer tower near the AC power cord. More about hook case fans.

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Hey, one thing I ran across is that some three wire fans have a "rotor locked alarm" instead of a tach. How to hook up these case fans?

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Now, if you plan in the future to have a digital read-out of the speed of the fan, or you want to have a fan failure alarm when a fan fails, then you need at least 3-wire fan.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. I do not require case fan hookup control. The red cable goes to the positive of the power supply and the black to the negative. I think that this is the norm i was looking for ; At 2 September What is inside a PC fan?

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Install an Intel processor 8. Unlike the 3-wire fans, the 4-wire fans have a slight change that eliminates this problem. So you see, you have enough current for your fans.

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If you have trouble connecting the fiddly headers by hand, use a pair of pliers to help you. A little slow here.

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Featured Articles Internal Components In other languages: Can I hook up all of the fans molex connectors together into one long strip and then plug that strip into the power supply?