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Blind dating greek subs

All in all, it's a funny, innocent film that will make you laugh. Though thoroughly implausible in many ways, I have to say that this movie made me laugh harder than any movie I've ever seen.

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His physical comedy is totally brilliant. A gutsy move, and witting or unwitting, this gave it a kind of staying power. There also plenty of great lines and performances from the supporting cast too, especially from John Larroquette Basinger's psychotically obsessed erstwhile boyfriend.

There's one thing about Nadia you should know, though. Bruce and Kim shine together at the blind dating greek subs they were both oh so young. However, for whatever reason, this downplayed treat was and is often panned by critics left and right.

Bruce turned 50 on Saturday and you could say he now has the legend value. His character is given much depth, but he works with it. Blind Date is one of the most different comedies to emerge from this decade.

Blind Date (1987)

I saw this film when it first came out and I laughed out loud at quite a few scenes and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet, go out and rent it now.

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The movie is flawed in places blind dating greek subs. It offers some great comedic moments that bring a grin on your face.

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Meanwhile, ex-boyfriend Larroquette is stalking them around the town driving them nuts. It's a nice little film that has its funny moments. Though I didn't understand why they dyed her gorgeous blonde hair brown. I was the biggest Bruce Willis fan at the time and I enjoyed this movie very much. All I'll add is: All in all, a fun ride from beginning to end.

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This movie is all about the '80s; the yuppie culture, the self-absorption, the repeated attempts of folks to find solace in getting and having things, and our near-tragic couple's struggle to be who they are, even if it doesn't fit with '80s yuppie culture, and embrace what's important. I also loved the love song played at the end by Gary Morris and Jennifer Warnes. No matter where you sit on the quality issue, perhaps it deserves a second look.

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Consider it--during her drunken binge, Nadia assaults everything that could make Walter a yuppie as if it were a well-organized plan. She goes from being a sweet southern belle to the date from hell. The legendary director Blake Edwards directed Blind Date in Why I don't know because it's really great!!

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I remember the first time I saw this movie back in This free dating site cupid Bruce Willis' first box office film. Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis were great as well.